Bauhaus Museum Dessau

  • местоположение: Десау, Германия / location: Dessau, Germany

Situated in a park, the museum will be a landmark and a destination in Dessau. Visitors will approach the building from the surrounding streets or from a promenade in the park, always set at the distance necessary to contemplate its appearance. Reaching closer to the museum’s entrance underneath a gateway passage, they will experience cool shade and protection from rain or snow beneath the Museum’s volume which bridges over the public realm.

Driven by conscious understanding of Modernity, this is a proposal for a museum of spirit as much as a museum of objects. To avoid the “black box” experience of a typical contemporary, artificially lit gallery, slits are cut onto the façade’s surface, providing sideways views to the park and the street. Their positioning away from the exhibition space but along the route makes them desirable break-out places, adding a unique appearance to the museum’s facades.

Street view
Promenade veiw
The promenade
Lobby second floor